Sir Richard Bishop – Narasimha

In addition to his work with the Sun City Girls, Sir Richard Bishop has kept up a steady stream of solo releases which often blend East Asian drone influences with avant-garde and improvisational guitar work. While I think this is a fairly accurate assessment, I should note that both Bishop and Sun City Girls have made careers out of frustrating easy description of their work. This track comes off a split release with Earth put out by Southern Lord in 2008. While most of the instruments are played by Bishop, he is joined on this recording by Randall Dunn, who is credited with providing the “low drone.” It also incorporates electric sitar, lap steel guitar, tambura, and a harmonium, and I think you can really see how Eastern musical traditions have infused Bishop’s work particularly in this track. I should also note that though he records and performs under the name Sir Richard Bishop he has not been knighted by any monarch at least that I’m aware of, though between his own work and that of Sun City Girls there’s seems ample reason to do so. Getting your hand on this split might set you back, but the other side is also excellent and the cover art/disc art seems worth the price.

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