DIIV – Dopamine

Dopamine is the lead single DIIV released in advance of a double LP Is The Is Are that came out in February 2016 on Captured Tracks. This was a tough one to pick just one track, but I’ve been humming Dopamine since I’ve heard it so it won out in the end, although “Healthy Moon” and “Valentine” were close behind. DIIV is the brainchild of Zachary Cole Smith which he formed in 2011 following his departure from the touring lineup of Beach Fossils. He’s joined live by Andrew Bailey and and Ben Wolf, though it’s unclear who was present for the recording since Smith, who played both drums and guitar at various times for Beach Fossils, could have recorded multiple tracks. In addition to digital media from Bandcamp, Is The Is Are is also being released on LP, CD, and cassette, all of which can be purchased at this link. You can check out their debut, Oshin on Bandcamp as well and be sure to keep an eye out for them on the festival circuit this summer. A full list of their upcoming gigs can be found here.

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