HOME – New Machines


This track comes off the debut record Odyssey from electronic artist HOME (aka Randy Goff). It was released in 2014 by Midwest Collective, and it’s only a dollar so I strongly suggest snatching it up because from start to finish it’s a treat. He released a second record Before the Night (also on Midwest Collective) that is in the same electro future funk vein as Odyssey so if you dig this I’d recommend checking this out. In addition to Bandcamp, he’s got a presence on Soundcloud where there is some material that is not present on either full-length releases.




Subhaeris – Blue Tokyo

Subhaeris is a future music artist based out of Tokyo. Blue Tokyo comes off a cassette entitled New Tokyo Blue Mood 2 which is excellent from start to finish, though this track stood out for me. If you’re interested in the cassette, it’s available for preorder on December 1st. The first New Tokyo Blue Mood was released on the excellent UK vaporwave label Dream Catalogue, which also put out a release by 회사AUTO that was featured on an earlier post. Those interested in other updates should check out Subhaeris’ Facebook.

Desire – Virtual Dream Plaza

As bandcamp user Bill put it:

Our existence has been solved. Relax, sit back, and enjoy.

That really is how I felt upon finding this chilled-out vaporwave ambient gem. It’s like the waiting room music for cyber heaven. As this release is in Japanese, I can’t provide a ton of detail about who Virtual Dream Plaza is other than they have quite a few releases on Bandcamp and have an LP that is up for preorder. For those of you who, like me, were bit hard by the cloud rap bug a few years ago this will be a nice return to that world, albeit with a much more ambient vibe. If I can make a very stoner-y suggestion, pair it up with this visualizer for a nice relaxing evening.