Martika – Love…Thy Will Be Done

I’ve seen a number of pieces written since Prince’s sudden passing that list some of the songs he wrote that people might not be aware of, like Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” or The Bangles “Manic Monday,” but I don’t recall anyone mentioning this track. Though certainly not as well-known as those examples, “Love…Thy Will Be Done” was composed and produced by Prince for Martika’s second studio record Martika’s Kitchen. For some reason he is credited as Paisley Park instead of as Prince though working under different names was common throughout his career even beyond his widely-publicized name change. He also produced the title track for Martika’s Kitchen and anybody who has listened to a lot of Prince can probably detect some of the Purple One’s sonic trademarks in that one as well. I heard a version by Prince himself over at WFMU during a Prince tribute block and while that version isn’t available online this one pretty closely mirrors it with some more refined production when compared to the demo Prince recorded. In the days since Prince’s passing there have been many stations paying tribute to Prince and I’d only encourage them to make this their normal programming because many stations dramatically improved when they started broadcasting wall-to-wall Prince.

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