Wolves in the Throne Room – Dea Artio

Based out of Olympia, WA, Wolves in the Throne Room have been fusing black metal with doom and ambient influences with their own dark magic since their 2005 untitled debut, which they self released and sent to retailers like Aquarius Records wrapped in fur with a moss insert. Dia Artio is the more ambient lead track off their 2007 release Two Hunters, which was their first with Southern Lord. For Two Hunters they tapped Randall Dunn to produce the record and the band introduced analog synthesizers to their drums and guitars, which have remained in the band’s sound ever since. Two Hunters was the first in a trilogy of releases that concluded with 2011 Celestial Lineage. Their whole catalog is available to purchase and stream on their Bandcamp while physical releases can be found on Discogs and at Southern Lord.

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