Saturndust – All Transmissions Have Been Lost

After releasing a few singles, Saturndust’s first full length release came out earlier this year and it more than delivers. Hailing from Sao Paolo, they wrote to a blog called The Sludge Lord and described their background

We’re trying to “stand our ground” in the underground, but it’s hard to find Sludge or Psychedelic Doom bands in our country. Maybe we’re the only ones. And the “scene” here is still growing with the rest, which all goes influenced by bands like Clutch, that it’s not of our business.”

I think they’ve done more than stand their ground with their self-titled debut, which can be purchased digitally at the band’s Bandcamp or on vinyl at Helmet Lady Records. Drifting between space-y ambience and riff-laden doom I read that this record was like visiting a swamp in space and that is better than I ever could have said it.

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