La Bomba De Neutron – Alfonso Lovo

Nicaraguan composer Alfonso Lovo’s music career had what some in the business might call a “rocky start” when he was shot in the hand while on a plane highjacked by sandinistas. He eventually found his way to Lousisiana State University and his hand must have really healed because while a student he recorded and released Terremoto Richter 6:25 Managua, featuring “Managua Nicaragua Blues,” in 1972. He also recorded “Freedom Fighters” in 1980 as part of the group Wolf and the Pack. Combining native Nicaraguan guitar, latin jazz, and funk he was able to put together sessions with some of Nicaragua’s top musicians including Santana percussionist José Areas. Although these sessions received a limited release after their recording,  Numero Group reissued La Gigantona in 2012. Enjoy!

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