Madou – Niets Is Voor Altijd

Madou formed in Belgium following the break-up of the Flemish folk band Rum in 1978. The group comprised Wiet Van De Leest and vocalist Vera Coomans, who met after Coomans joined Rum in 1975 along with bassist producer Sus Proost. Following Madou’s 1982 self-titled release, Van De Leest collaborated with Pas De Deux then took some time away from music to work as a park ranger before briefly reuniting with the members of Rum in 2005. Around that time, Belgian label Choux de Bruxelles reissued Madou’s album, including a new arrangement of the group’s other single, “Witte Nacht.” In 2010, Van De Leest helped compose a tribute to American folk musician Derroll Adams, who spent much of his life in Belgium, as part of the annual Ghent Festival.

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