The Demands of Lifting Heavy Stones – Transept

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of this at Reckless Records on a whim and it has been one of my favorite records over the last few years. Transept are based out of Norwich, England and they run the appropriately-named Dronehenge Records  to release their material. This track is off their 2011 release and if you like what you hear above be sure to check out their 2013 Buff as Fuck release because it’s a great followup to this tremendous record. Phil Archer of Transept was a guitarist in Japanese/UK art-rock group Hyper Kinako, and some of the punchy threads in that group seem to have been picked up in Transept. Hyper Kinako, featuring Jane Pow member Phil Archer, put out a couple 7″ in 2003 and then disbanded. Transept has a great mix of heavy drones, jammy instrumentation, and a penchant for great song/album names which comes in handy when making this kind of music. If you order this record, you could win a bonus track!

One randomly chosen copy also comes with an absolutely one-off a cappella version of ‘Leopard Slug Love Song (live from Brokeback Mountain)’, double-etched (using a Wilcox-Gay Recordette) on to the silver side of a CD of Wham’s ‘Fantastic’.

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