Weekend Extravaganza: Analog Players Society, Revelations, Stag Hare

So I was out and about this weekend and didn’t get a chance to do any tracks of the day but I thought I’d make it up by having a threesome with my computer and your eyes/ears and whatever internet service provider you are currently beholden to. These three tracks are pretty distinct but are all really great tunes so hopefully the wait was worth it.

Analog Players Society – I Can’t Wait

If anybody has never spent an entire weekend listening to Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait” then I guess we have less in common than I thought. This is one of those songs that I’m positive most people have heard but have never sought out the name or artist of and I’m here to tell you that once you know how to find it, you won’t stop. That is if you don’t get hooked on the Analog Players Society version first! APS is a bit of a supergroup that coalesced around Studio Brooklyn and its head honcho, Amon. Featuring members of groups like TV On the Radio, Beirut, and Blitz the Ambassador as well as Amon himself, they have a pretty diverse output but most seems to fall within the dub, dancehall type stuff that admittedly I’m not super familiar with but I dig this cover a lot. The design of their physical releases seems to harken back to the glory days of soul 45s, and it’s hard to argue with the vibe either. I’m partial to the instrumental version but theres one with vocals too, both of which make me think of the first ten minutes of rap videos that take place in the summer where it’s just shot after shot of people sweating like they just finished the Cairo half marathon.

Speaking of old soul 45s…

The Revelations – Take Care of Us

While I await my bounty from the amazing moving sale that Numero Group was having this weekend, I dug into this Local Customs: Downriver Revival release and I think the above track is my favorite so far. Admittedly I did not pick up this compilation during the sale and the more I listen to it the sadder I am. Born just downriver from Detroit in Ecorse, Felton Williams and Moe Asch created a number of labels that produced a wide variety of acts and their output received the Numero treatment a few years ago. With hidden gospel gems, outtake jams, and an undeniable groove, this whole comp is pretty great but for me this track highlights what I love so much about Numero. When you hear songs like this, it’s just amazing The Revelations didn’t make money hand over fist when this was recorded.

Stag Hare – Vessel Part One: Pulse Cocoon

Moving to the more experimental end of the spectrum to round out this trifecta, Pulse Cocoon is a five movement reimagining of previously released material from a number of other of Stag Hare’s releases. Based out of Utah, Stag Hare has put out some physical releases on Oakland’s Inner Islands both in cassette and 12″ form. I’ve started listening to Spirit Canoes which is available on 12″ and is really excellent so far. One of the sources of Pulse Cocoon is the Tapestry project, which involves commissioned improvised pieces that, once completed, will be delivered as a digital file and a home-dubbed cassette tape. Unfortunately she is not taking commissions currently, but I’ll be checking routinely because the ones I have listened to so far have been great. I remember when I found Expo ’70 and realized how much he had already released and it was a great feeling to have so much music to explore and I feel the same way about Stag Hare.

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