Blondi’s Salvation – Vow of Silence

This medievalist psych gem comes from Blondi’s Salvation off their January 2014 self-released Crusades. According to the hilarious Google Translate they

originally formed Constant psychedelic ideology by its two intertwined visions. The son of imperturbable Puritan singer golds; jingles moving, medieval soloist guitarist.

I guess my work here is done! Truthfully, their blend of medievalism with sludgy psych probably should just speak for itself. I’ll just add that it’s like if a bunch of medieval peasants got together to take mescaline. According to their Facebook page they are constructing a new studio and have a new album, Wisdom Whisper coming out on Howlin Banana Records in the next few months.

I’m really fascinated by the medieval period, especially the music, which doesn’t get nearly as much exposure on classical stations as the big guys, especially Debussy. I took a road trip with my grandparents this year and we listened to classical radio the whole way, which involved tuning to a new station every two hours or so and every. station. we. listened. to. played. Debussy. Nothing against the guy, but I just wish there was more medieval music being played because the sparse arrangement and bizarre vocals are such a departure from much of the classical music canon. There’s a great Nonesuch release, The Pleasures of the Royal Courtthat I picked up at a thrift store for a buck and it’s been worth every penny and then some. The music from the Spanish Court is my particular favorite.

Lest you think I spend the fall walking around a state park wearing medieval garb and calling everyone “m’lady,” rest assured I am not a Renaissance Fest person. Maybe if they got Blondi’s Salvation to play I’d grab myself a turkey leg, a mug of mead, and start stomping in the sawdust.

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