Madeline Cocolas – I Can See You Whisper


Australian-born composer Madeline Cocoloas’ debut record Cascadia is set to be released in January from Future Sequence, and it’s gorgeous. Much of the material arose from a project she undertook where she created a song a week for a year. It was fittingly called the “Fifty Two Weeks” project, and lucky for us that material has been repurposed, repackaged, and refined for our listening pleasure. I Can See You Whisper was actually the final installment of the 52 weeks project, which she celebrated by releasing a video for the song. Blending her classical training on piano and (I’m guessing) violin/cello with subdued synth drones, she has composed original soundtracks to Hitchcock’s The Birds as well as for site-specific art installations. For more information and to hear past installments in the Fifty-Two Weeks saga, check out the blog she set up for the project or check out her website. You can also hear more of her music over at Soundcloud. I’ll have to remember this project when I get a bit lazy with the Music For Cougars stuff, because it’s not as good and it seems to take twice as long.

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