Tanner Garza – Shimmer for Us

Tanner Garza is a Houston-based producer of ambient/drone music who often utilizes a combination of guitar, synth, and various tape manipulation techniques. As a child he began playing music on the electric bass and moved from an early interest in metal towards more experiments with ambient/drone music. Eventually he approached Richard Ramirez, who had been involved in forming the harsh noise collective Black Leather Jesus a few years earlier, to see if he could perform at one of their shows, which happened with some frequency around the Houston area. He would go on to join Black Leather Jesus a few years later. Much of his output is created by taking signal input from an electric bass, guitar, or synth and running that through a variety of effects pedals and a four track cassette recorder. He founded Bookend Recordings, where much of his material is released. Digital downloads are available for sale at the Bookend Recordings Bandcamp page while physical releases may be available if you cruise his Discogs to see if any labels he’s released with are still selling them new, although they seem to go fast.

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