El Huervo – Express

El Huervo is the moniker of Swedish producer/painter Niklas Åkerblad. This track comes off a cassette titled World’s End that was put out by Swedish Columbia earlier this year. In addition to painting and releasing his own music, El Huervo also created soundtracks to accompany video games, including Kometen for iOS, else { Heart.break() }, and Clairvoyance. He also had a few tracks appear on the soundtrack to Hotline Miami as well as the sequel. As a result of these appearances, he produced an instrumental for Mega Ran and The Regiment that led to the track Venting. For a few of those games he is also the primary artist, if you couldn’t tell from the similarities between the game screenshots and the cover for World’s End (and his other releases). The soundtrack for else { Heart.break() } is available on Bandcamp, also through Swedish Columbia.

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