Expo ’70 – Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float

Expo ’70 is the recording name of Justin Wright, who began recording his own experimental material while performing with the now-defunct Living Science Foundation. Today’s track comes from Belgium’s Aguirre Records and features two long form improvisations recorded live during a 2010 tour. Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float was recorded live to accompany footage from a 1973 animated film Fantastic Planet. I was lucky enough to see him perform in a similar style accompanying the Kenneth Anger short film Scorpio Rising. He releases many of his recordings on his own imprint Sonic Meditations. Though much of his output has been solo, he has begun performing on occasion with bassist Aaron Osbourne and drummers Jim Button and Mike Vera. He creates his unique drone sounds with a combination of guitars and synths and also creates most of the album artwork for his releases. Digital downloads are available on his Bandcamp page and physical releases are available through Sonic Meditations. I haven’t heard a release I didn’t like, and he’s got plenty of stuff to check out. If I had to recommend one release in particular it’d have to be Beguiled Entropy which I bought from the man himself and have proceeded to nearly wear out.

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