Föllakzoid – Electric

Electric is the lead track off Föllakzoid’s third release, the aptly titled III. The album arises out of a collaboration between the group and German-born electronic musician Atomtm, who is responsible for many of the synth sounds appearing on the record. According to the album page on Bandcamp, they recorded and mixed the album at BYM studios, which also released their self titled debut, and then brought it to Atomtm to add various electronic and synth sounds. One of those sounds was a Korg synthesizer used by Kraftwerk in the 1980s. In many ways their third record is a study in repetition, or as the band puts it, “a four-part minimal sound voyage” but is a continuation of the space rock and krautrock influences that have persisted throughout their career. Check out the hypnotizing video for Electric here. Their catalog is available in digital download form on their Bandcamp while physical copies of this and their previous release, II, can be purchased through Brooklyn’s Sacred Bones records.

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