Dimitris Papadimitriou – Day One

Released in 1981, Topia was Dimitris Papdimitriou’s first solo record but it kicked off more then 25 years of music, most released in (you guessed it) Greece. While studying law at the University of Athens, he composed music for stage productions and has been active musically since then. In addition to new age material like the above, he has scored many film and TV projects including something called Totally Married in which, according to IMDB:

Thomas and Lily, a couple in their mid-thirties with a child, are in the seventh “difficult” year of their marriage. The sudden departure of their household help sets off a chain of explosive situations. Lily refuses to take care of their child and their home. Thomas hires Irina, a 23 year-old foreign hooker, to help out.

I bet everything goes smoothly from there. Dimitris’ work has garnered six awards from the Greek film festival and numerous accolades from the Greek ministry of culture. Much of the rest of Topia consists of longer-form new age material but this uptempo jam reminds me a lot of Hideki Matsutake’s Logic System. The first track of his that came to mind was “Unit” and if you’ve never listened to Logic System I’d highly recommend it, especially for fans of Yellow Magic Orchestra. That last link is from their performance on Soul Train and it’s awesome.

If you are interested in hearing more of his work, it might be helpful to have the greek spelling of his name:

Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου

Dimitris Papadimitriou – Topia (Discogs)

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