Butterfly Bones – ur hott

Following the demise of a certain beacon of hope, freedom, and all other things good in this world private torrent tracker I decided to reactivate my Spotify account. In much the same way one unearths a time capsule, I found a number of playlists that had been synced to an old computer and unearthed this gem. Released in 2009, this is one of those songs that seems like it should have been way bigger given how popular this sort of synth-heavy dance music was at the time. It comes off an EP called Pretty Feelings, the only release I could find for the group. Their Twitter account has been dormant since 2010, but it seems they opened for STRFKR and were DJing mostly around the Bay Area before slipping into the internet ether. Songs like this remind me of how much stuff I’d probably really love is just sitting out there waiting for me to put it in my earholes. I made a playlist of other songs that I discovered excavating those old playlists that I’ve linked to below.

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