Virna Lindt – Underwater Boy

Virna Lindt recorded her first single while working for “in an indirect way, the secret services of at least two nations,” according to her bio at LTM Recordings. That single was Attention Stockholm, which became an indie hit in Europe and Japan upon its release in 1981. This was the first record put out The Compact Organization and, lucky for us, it wasn’t the last. Underwater Boy comes off Lindt’s debut album Shiver from 1984, which tells a story of espionage and treachery that wasn’t at all informed by her biography. One more record, Play/Record, would follow before Lindt (presumably) returned to her humdrum life as occasional spy and translator for various media outlets.
Talk about selling out! Both of her records have since been reissued by LTM, which was founded in England in the early 1980s and, after a brief hiatus, resurfaced in 1997 and began reissuing many New Wave records as well as avant garde audio works by William S. Burroughs and Marcel Duchamp. Check out their full catalog here.

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