Mike Mandel – Elephant and Castle

I came upon this release by way of Gil Scott-Heron’s studio debut Pieces of a Man, which features guitarist Burt Jones backing Scott-Heron and the solo on Elephant and Castle. In addition to solo work, Mike Mandel was a keyboardist for the jazz fusion-type groups The Players Association and The Eleventh Hour. Elephant and Castle appears on a Sky Music from 1978 and features many of the same artists from both groups. Admittedly this sort of music is out of my wheelhouse and if you find yourself getting bored I just challenge you to listen until at least the 3 minute mark and if you’re not bobbing your head/tapping your feet/doing some other form of white guy dancing, I’ll owe you something. Not money, of course, but some sort of non-exchangeable favor maybe. If it happens, just talk to my team of high-priced lawyers and we can work something out.

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