Antn Hrkwk – Inside Feelings

A few years back a buddy of mine turned me on to Antn Hrkwk and unfortunately for everyone around me I find myself trying to hum these melodies (poorly) almost involuntarily. It’s only fitting that such idiosyncratic music should have an equally idiosyncratic process behind it, and Antn Hrkwk doesn’t disappoint in that department either. His work consists of pre-recorded material chopped up and stitched together using Final Cut Pro, an application typically used for video editing. Truly the grooviest type of Frankenstein’s monster. Thoroughbred was released on vinyl by Life’s Blood records and is available on his Bandcamp site. His first release, Mutually Assured can also be found there and it’s also a delight. For physically-minded folks you can snatch a CDr from the netlabel Recycling Records, who specialize in this type of experimental re-use of recorded material.

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