Nervous Patterns – You Can’t Change

You Can’t Change was the b-side of the only single released by Nervous Patterns, which was a collaborative project of Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout, who is perhaps better known as the owner of Memphis’ Contaminated Records. The duo released one self-titled album on both Cochon Records and Contaminated, which had a small pressing of hand-decorated LPs. Good luck tracking those down! The two first worked together as members of Lost Sounds and based on the chronology of that group I get the sense that the Nervous Patterns material was recorded around the same time (early 2000s) that Lost Sounds was still active. According to Discogs, the material for the Nervous Patterns album was recorded at Trout’s home studio, the Tronic Graveyard. Before Lost Sounds formed, Trout was a member of the group The Clears, which has a cool blend of the aggressive pop-punk vocals with synths, which is a pretty good combination at least to my ears. Trout has also released a few singles under the alias Alicja-Pop, the most recent coming in 2011. Sadly, Reatard passed away in 2010, but lucky for us he was active enough in the Memphis scene that new great projects of his keep surfacing.

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