Magical Beautiful – Double Moon

Double Moon comes off the final release from Tyson Torstenson’s art rock project Magical Beautiful entitled Discover Death. Torstensen has been active in the experimental music scene in Chicago since the early 2000s, and he began releasing material under the name Magical Beautiful (along with an array of collaborators) in 2005 with a self-titled release coming in 2006. That first record featured covers/re-workings of songs by artists like Bjork and Joe Meek and had Torstensen performing, mixing, and mastering the release himself. On subsequent Magical Beautiful releases, he would enlist other Chicago artists like Nick Broste, Alance Ward, and Peter Andreadis in various roles. In addition to Magical Beautiful, Torstensen records ambient music with Broste under the name Gaspra and plays bass with the group Axis:Sova. For a full list of his projects, check out his website. The whole record is a really great and it’s free to download on Bandcamp, so if you dig Double Moon I’d encourage you to listen to the rest.

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