Eluvium – Zerthis Was a Shivering Image

Lambent Material was the first output of Portland-based ambient composer Eluvium (aka Matthew Cooper), which was released by Temporary Residence in 2003. Temporary Residence is perhaps best known as the label for Explosions in The Sky (aka the music you inadvertently wept to while watching Friday Night Lights). In addition to sharing a label, Eluvium also collaborates with Explosions in the Sky guitarist Mark T Smith under the name Inventions. In 2009 Temporary Residence put out a box set collecting nearly all Eluvium’s material from 2003-2007 entitled Life Through Bombardment vol. 1. If you’re like me and only know about this recently, the fact that they sell for an average of 200 bucks is a big bummer. However, the second installment in the series is set to ship in December 2015 and it’ll only set you back a cool 150! His output varies from solo piano material which draws from more traditionally classical material like Erik Satie and Chopin to noise-infused drones reminiscent of Mathias Grassow and Coil’s Time Machines. Eluvium’s most recent solo release was January’s Pedals/Petals with an EP from Inventions entitled Blanket Waves coming this month.

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