Aidan Baker – I Flay My Skin to Write These Letters to You

This is one of the first records I bought and I’m amazed it hasn’t been worn out yet. Originally released as a CDr back in 2002 by Baker’s imprint Arcolepsy Records, it was reissued on vinyl in 2008 by Basses Frequences based out of France. Aidan Baker makes up one half (with Leah Buckareff) of the drone duo Nadja. Although initially a side project for Baker, who still releases solo work at a staggering rate, he has been touring with Nadja more as of late. This CDr from 2002 was his second release, but fans of Nadja might recognize some sonic elements which carry through to his later collaborations. Those interested in listening to more Nadja should check out Radiance of Shadows. Baker was classically trained on flute, but has taught himself the guitar, various percussion instruments, as well as the use of various electronics and tape manipulation techniques.

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