Pulse Emitter – Autumn Again

Pulse Emitter, aka Daryl Groetsch, is a Portland-based creator of electronic music, primarily ambient synth works both improvised and composed. This is the lead track off his Equinox album, which was initially released on cassette through Constellation Tatsu in addition to Pulse Emitter’s Bandcamp. On September 23rd, the autumnal equinox, he made it free to download for a day. It was truly an equinox miracle. His music also appeared on the tremendous 4 Way Split release from Immune Recordings, which featured Expo ’70Date Palms, and Face Plant. He records most of his music on a modular synthesizer he built himself. He discusses his instrument in process in this interview:

I want to start taking data from nature and patching it into my synthesiser. I have done that a little bit with photocells, you know, I can stick it out of the window and the sun setting will go from a higher voltage to a lower voltage and it can control the synthesiser. But I want to be able to take a topographic map of Mars and convert it into a voltage… and then have entire pieces of music based on data. I just like the idea of taking the human element out of music. Lots of times when I play at home especially, I’ll set up the synthesiser so that its playing by itself. Really complex patches, using really slow oscillations, that aren’t synchronised with one another so that they change over time really slowly, and it kind of creates this long- form type of piece where you could listen to ten minutes of it and never realise that no-one is touching the instrument.

Cassettes and LPs can be purchased from his Bandcamp. I’d check out Longing Thresholds, Crater Lake, and Lava Lamp if you’re looking for a place to start.

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