Drab Majesty – Unknown to the I

“Unknown to the I” was first released as a cassette single before appearing on Drab Majesty’s full length debut, CARELESS, both released by Dais Records in 2015. Their first cassette, Unarian Dances, was self-released in 2012. The driving force behind the project is the 6’4″ androgynous Deb Demure who stars in the above video and was created by Marriages drummer Andrew Clinco. Along with the synth sounds of the 80s and analog video manipulation, a major influence on the creation of Deb Demure was the iconic industrial group Throbbing Gristle, specifically Genesis P. Orridge. From a recent interview at Noisey:

There’s very much a Genesis P. Orridge influence. She’s an extremely big hero for me. All of her projects are things I’ve really gotten into and strike me as some of the highest art out there. Her pandrogyne project is something that I wish I could actually have the balls to do—or not [laughs]—but I do love Genesis in that she’s had lots of looks over time. At one point, after the whole Lady Jaye merging, I really thought that was interesting—the crazy polarity or tension she creates between the masculine abrasiveness of some of the music she makes combined with the feminine touch of the reciting of lyrics and poetry. I love that. I’m not evaluating Genesis as a man or a woman. I’m seeing this genderless vessel delivering the sounds and the message. It’s really powerful.

CARELESS also has appearance by fellow Marriages member Emma Ruth Rundle, who has released a few solo records over the last few years. Andrew Clinco can also be heard with Black Mare, the solo project of Sera Timms. Drab Majesty is playing shows along the west coast currently and if this video is any indication, it should be quite the show!

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