Scuba Z – The Vanishing American Family

This song may sound familiar to anybody who has watched Adam Curtis’ latest film HyperNormalisation, and its hardly the only great tune in the soundtrack. You can find a playlist of the full soundtrack on Youtube and Spotify. The Vanishing American Family is the title track from Scuba Z’s only full length release from 2001, though they put out a number of singles and EPs around the turn of the millennium on Odd Records, their own imprint. Though I couldn’t find much information about these guys, it seems they were based out of the UK, which would fit it nicely within the storied British tradition of breakbeat music, right up there with colonial counter-insurgency, bad teeth, and cultural chauvinism. I suppose compared with many of the fashion trends of the time they deserve some credit because this holds up a lot better than the fashion of the period does.

The 28th Annual American Music Awards
Truly timeless