Duster – Stratosphere

Stratosphere is the title track off Duster’s first full-length album, which was released in 1998 on Up Records. Around the same time the members of Duster released an album called Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond under the name Valium Aggelein, which has a very similar feel to it and is also excellent from start to finish.

The group didn’t leave much behind in terms of an online presence and its members don’t have too many credits once the group disbanded with the exception of drummer Jason Albertini, who would eventually join the lineup of Built to Spill. Duster released one more album called Contemporary Movement in 2000 and from the looks of Discogs you’d be lucky to get your hands on any of them but if you do and don’t snatch it up yourself please be in touch. On a side note, there has to be a specific German word for the feeling of discovering a group like this in the post-What CD era, as the Valium Aggelein material doesn’t seem to be accessible anywhere.

14 Foot 1 – We’re Sorry Coconuts

Hailing from the NE (Massachusetts & Rhode Island), 14 Foot 1 is a three-pice rock outfit comprising Casey Belisle on drums with Brad Kreiger and Rob Forsythe on guitar. This track comes off their first record, Christ Grenades, released in 2007 on New Neighbor Records. I couldn’t track down much information on these guys online, though their Facebook does have some upcoming dates and some live videos. They just released a 7″ on New Neighbor Records that you can purchase in physical or digital form on their Bandcamp.

Party on Wayne.