Nicklas Sørensen – Solo1

Nicklas Sørensen has been the guitarist for the Danish instrumental rock group Papir, but he’s just released a solo debut fittingly titled Solo that’s every bit as great as his work with Papir. That might be because his bandmates Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen and Christian Becher Clausen join him on his solo record, but whatever name they decide to release material under is fine by me as long as it keeps coming. While there is a lot of overlap, this release has a pronounced krautrock focus which really gives Sørensen the freedom to explore every conceivable sound he can muster from his Fender. It really reminds me a lot of Hallogallo with a little bit of the Inner Tube record put out by Mark McGuire of Emeralds and Spencer Clark. Both Papir and Sorenson’s Solo are available for purchase on LP over at El Paraiso Records. In addition to his Papir bandmates, Jonas Munk joined Sørensen for these sessions, who is a member of Causa Sui and one of the head honchos at El Paraiso. As if the guarantee of health care and overall high quality of life weren’t enough to make you yearn for Scandanavia, blissed-out psych rock is making an exodus from these United States even more appealing.